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Wedding Dresses That Give Back

More now than ever, we find ourselves in a space where weddings are about so much more than just the couple. Don't get me wrong, its still their day and they should celebrate in any way that feels right to them, but with mandated shutdowns and social distancing it feels as if the gathering of family and friend along with the celebration of love is a bit more precious. They have become details that we will never take for granted again.

One detail that we had to share with you was beyond the sparkle and lace, one local company is making sure that not only will brides get amazing dresses at unbelievable prices, but that they are spreading love and joy when people need it most.

Beloved Couture Bridal is just one side of the Beloved Foundation. "Beloved Foundation eases the burden for families that are suffering a financial hardship as a result of caring for a loved one with stage 4 or terminal cancer by providing financial and emotional support. We believe that by helping to pay for basic needs, such as rent, utilities and co-pays, that families won’t have the added stress of debt or financial burden now or in the future."

So when you're shopping around for a wedding dress, we hope that not only will you consider the cut, style, color but also the source.

With a kind and very enthusiastic staff, there is no doubt you will walk into this bridal shop filled with hope and walk out doing a happy dance with your dress in hand.

Besides knowing that your dress purchase is making a difference and that you will be getting it for a killer deal here are a few other things to consider when wedding dress shopping:

  1. THEME: making sure that your gown matches the overall theme of your wedding will be key in the aesthetics of your photos. For example, if you plan to get married on a beach it's unlikely that a full ball gown made entirely of silk will fit the look. Or if you're having a full glam wedding that a simple lace boho dress will fit that style.

  2. FIT: more than anything, consider your shape and the cut of the dress. the worst decision you could make it picking dress that doesn't make you happy with the body you have (And trust me, what every body type you have it's banging) But play to your strengths and likes. If you love your curvy hips then highlight them in a mermaid dress. If you want to show off your tiny waist, consider an A Line dress. And if you have no idea, then be vocal about being unsure and see if you stylist can point you in the right direction.

  3. LOCATION: Now this point may sound weird, but stick with me. If you plan on having and outdoor wedding like in a back yard or in a large field consider the fabric of your dress. Why would this matter? Well a lace dress made with tulle will act as a bug catcher and you will be walking around with bees and other bugs all in the layers of your dress. How can I speak so definitively on this, because it happened to me. Even after i show my dress out the next day AND have it cleaned I still found bugs hidden up in my dress. Fabric in conjunction with location should be at least thought about.

Now that we've covered all the details to consider when looking for a dress, we hope that you find your dress shopping experience to be everything you ever hoped it would be and more.

Make sure to make your appointment at Beloved Couture Bridal to score the dress and experience of your dreams and feel good that every bit of joy you'll feel is going to help a family in need.

Make sure to follow them on on social media (@belovedcouturebridal) for Live Sales and Updates on their next sample sale

HINT HINT: (a little blue birdie told us it would be in July).

With Love & Glitter,

Michaelene S.

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