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Throw the Bachelorette Party She'll Never Forget!

There a a few wedding traditions that seems the world will never get rid of, and we're thankful for that! Things like dessert, booze, beautiful dresses and bachelorette parties are a few items on that list!


I mean who can resist a day, night, or weekend to hang out with your closest girls doing all the things you love right? Bt with Pinterest in the picture, its hard to not feel intimated to throw and epic party she'll love forever, right?

So we wanted to help you by sharing 3 Things You MUST Have When Planning a Bachelorette Party!


Just like on "Bridesmaids" the movie, picking a theme that is unique to the bride is key in making sure the party feels like it was meant for her. So if you've got a devoted yogi on your hands, custom yoga mats and a quick session as a group might make her heart happy. What if you've got a "So Cal Babe" then hit teh beach and don't forget the matching sunhat and towels. If you bride is Miss Adventure and loves teh great outdoors, rent a Cabin from AirBnB and make stores while you sip wine! It really is about making sure that the party is tailored around her likes so she feels extra special!



Create a sense of "togetherness" by having something custom made, or DIYing a project specific to the party. A few popular items are bathing suits, coozies, hats, t shirts, and tutus. There is NOTHING wrong with any of these options, and we love the idea of a girl gang walking down the strip in matching hats, but if you follow tip one and want something that matches yoru theme you may rethink what you have made/make.

A in home spa bachelorette party might call for custom sleeping masks and robes, custom bandanas and t shirts might be beast for a country girl hoe down, or even flower crowns for your botanical backyard dinner. Don't think of the items and theme as separate pieces, but instead, elements that should go together to really pull the event together!



If it didn't happen on IG did it even happen? Okay, seriously I'm not saying you should be planning your events in hope of getting "likes" on social media but i am saying you need to designate at least 1 person the group to party photographer. If if the shots are not styles, or posed, or even in focus your bride will love that someone captured the moment. I mean having few styled of posed pictures is always fun to have (especially since this will be the ones you'll most likely share no IG, but the ones of your crew cracking up, falling over and just being yourself will be the ones she'll look back on and really appreciate!


Of course there are a few smaller items that are worth mentioning that are generally a good idea of bachelorette parties: Snacks and food, Drinks, WATER, a great playlist, and fun games. In fact CLICK HERE to get FREE GAMES for you to play at your party.

We hope you have the best party ever and that your bride loves every minute of your hard work. All in all, make sure that she feels special and you would have pulled off an epic Bachelorette Party!

With Love & Glitter,


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