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Intimate Bridal Shower

2020 came and kicked the wedding world right in the face. There really isn't any other way to put it. And even though everything seemed to be placed on hold, Love was never one of those things.

Events changed and didn't happened quite how they were originally planned, but what we found during that time was a new way to celebrate love.

A better bridal shower with grown up way to enjoy wine tasting in your backyard.

With a little creativity and a gathering of close friends, there is no reason you can't host an intimate bridal shower mixed with girls night out.

There are no rules to what a shower has to look like, so if waking up early for a brunch isn't your thing and you'd rather have wine, cheese and chocolate then this post is for you!

Here is what you need to have a unique love filled wine night with the girls.

  1. Wine- pick up at least 4 kinds of wine for everyone to sip on while the polite "grazing" is happening. It will give guest a chance to try something new and talk about likes a dislikes and get to know each other better. As guests find their way to fuller cups, you'll find conversations about marriage and advice comes out!

  2. Food- Don't worry about getting the event catered, with a little guidance for building a "grazing table" you will confidently have a spread that your girls will love and eat!

  3. Ambiance- find a space big enough to fit everyone comfortable. You never want to have to break up your party between rooms. Outdoors is a great choice, or an empty living room works well too, as long as everyone is together! Make sure to have an appropriate playlist built or picked that will set the mood. The last thing you want is to have a bad song ruin a good conversation. Ambiance also means table setting. Make your guests feel special with a table set that promotes a sense of gathering. The extra effort you put into a table scape will pay off in Instagramable photos and "hopefully" gratitude from your bride-to-be. (Custom Glasses with names is an extra detail that won't go unnoticed)

  4. Good Friends- It's hard to be told to cut party head counts way down, but it forces you to look at your events with such purpose. Inviting friends and family that really add to the experience of the event will be evident when no one wants to leave. That is the kind of party and memories you want to give to your bride.

That's it, 4 simple steps to host an unforgettable and unique bridal shower.

As far as food goes, here is what we suggest.

pick a few items that really highlight and go with your theme. Wine night calls for cheese and crackers as well as chocolate.

For a cheese board mix a variety of hard cheeses with soft cheese. Pairing a sharp bite of cheese is just as satisfying as a spreadable cheese when enjoying wine. Don't be afraid to mix in items like cured meats, fresh fruit, mixed nuts, and dried fruit. All of the specifics should be pulled from the wine profiles (which can be googled if unsure)

And don't skip sweets! Chocolate is a given, but adding in cute "traditional" bridal shower sweets all added to teh experience of you event. Cupcakes, macaroons, and cookies are all great ideas for a shower wine night.

Really create a night you'd want to participate in and you'll surely have a successful evening!

LOOKING FOR A FUN GAME to pair with the night? Have guests name their own wine during a tasting. You can get blank cards they can write the name of their wine, or the reason they can see themselves drinking it and give out prizes for most creative.

(Ex. Night withe the girls, night with no kids, lunch with Carrie Underwood, K. I .D.S. )

Don't let love go uncelebrated, and certainly don't celebrate in a way that doesn't bing happiness to your heart!

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