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For His Eyes Only...

I think we can all agree that when JT brought sexy back, it could not have been at a better time? Honestly any excuse to feel sexy is alright with me. And even though the world jumped on that train, it was brides that made sure to capture the "sexy" in what we know as boudoir photoshoots. If you've managed to never see photos from this kind of shoot, it's usually a bride-to-be in sexy or sweet lingerie posing for a 'little black book" for her soon to be.

We love the fact that women are confident in their bodies and sexuality that they are taking picture to capture just that. Owning everything they've got and putting it out there in front of a camera lens.

But if you're not used to taking pictures, the idea of getting in front of a camera wearing less than normal can get a little daunting. So if you find yourself considering booking one of these photoshoots, here are a few tips to make sure your comfortable and kill it!

Take Advantage Of What You've Got

I mean this in 2 ways.

If you are a Bride-to-be consider booking a photoshoot after your bridal shower or bachelorette party. There is a good chance your friends are going to spoil you with tons of new lingerie that can easily become your wardrobe for the shoot. That means less stress in having to go out and search for new pieces. Plus they'll probably get you a mix of things you like and maybe some things you've never considered before. Giving you the opportunity to pick out your favorite pieces to show off.

Also. you should always flaunt what you love about yourself. You don't have to take photos that only highlight what is common, if you've got amazing legs that you're proud of, or you're blessed with a back like Gisele Bündchen then rock that angle. You will never be disappointed in showing of what you already love about yourself! There is not right or wrong when taking these photos, so don't feel confined to the rules of what's typical.

Prep Accordingly

Taking the time to Pinterest ideas about what you want in your photoshoot will help the overall shoot. Sharing what you like (especially the things you don't) will help your

photographer understand your style and vision.

When you and your photographer are on the same page it makes for a super fun shoot. You are in the driver seat so make sure to create boards on Pinterest, create a music playlist that is totally your jam, bring accessories and props to play with, and practice posing so you can see what you're comfortable with.

Also practice your hair and makeup if you're not getting a pro the day. There are so many tutorials to follow on YouTube and IG. Find a look that matches the style you're going for and makeup that brings out your eye color. Yes, that's a thing! You wouldn't want to have a super dark smokey eye if you're planning on wearing sweeter lingerie. And you would want Hollywood glam hair if you'll be rocking leather and studs. It's all about creating a cohesive look that you're comfortable with.

DIY Shoot

Speaking of comfort. There is no reason to put yourself through the ringer to take these photos if you're just not comfortable posing in front of a stranger. For you, we suggest bribing your bestie with a girls night and have her take photos in the comfort of your home or out in a secluded place.

There's no special effects or crazy locations that make a boudoir shoot successful, it's really about capturing your inner tiger in a photo. Playing with light and getting close ups on the details can help create drama, so give it a whirl. Make sure to scope out your location (home or not) for the best natural lighting and what time that is, so that you will be sure to capture the best photos possible with what you're working with. Brush up on lighting in a beginners tutorial on Pinterest! Direct sunlight is not your friend!

With all close up shots in addition to full body shots you will have plenty to choose from in making that little black book. Or you can have just a few printed for him to keep secretly in his wallet. In fact, you're more likely to be "yourself" in a photoshoot you DIY, which is something we know he'll appreciate. I mean, he fell in love with you just the way you are, no reason in trying to change that for the sake of a few photos!

*PRO TIP: If you consider yourself more of a novice photographer, think about processing all your photos in black and white. It adds a bit of dramatic effect when you can punch up the contrast and not worry about blowing out colors. The uniformity will create a "gallery look" and feel very professional. Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a great option for this. The app is already has a black and white button build right in.

Not Just For Brides

Feeling sexy and boudoir shoots are not reserved for brides only. Whether you've been married for 10 min or 10 years, you should always feel like you can celebrate yourself and the bond marriage can bring. Having sexy pictures of you for him to keep is something that will never go out of style.

It doesn't have to take much to accomplish photos he'll be happy to stash away. A Polaroid, good lighting, and a blanket will do the trick. A polaroid is a great option too if you want to avoid sending the picture somewhere to get printed, just a little shake and they will truly be for his eyes only.

So if you're contemplating if you should do a boudoir photoshoot or not know that there are ways to make sure that you are 100% comfortable with and can fully commit to the shoot. Take these tips into consideration and I'm confident that you will be happy with the results. The best advice I can really give is BE YOURSELF (I felt a bit like genie right there). Highlight your best features, dress how you're most comfortable, and DIY it if that's what it takes. I hope that you see you are beautiful and magical unicorn that is sexy as hell in your own unique way, hell, he does.

With Love and Glitter,


Photo Credit:

Carrie Vines

Bosalita Photo

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