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A Stress Free Wedding? Wouldn't That Be Nice.

Not only would it be nice, but its absolutely possible.

I have been in this industry for over 9 years and during that time I have been doing so much more than just creating wedding invites. Even though it is by far my most favorite party of this industry, it's only one part to this massive machine.

I have been fortunate enough to create really great connections with some seriously talented creatives, pick up on real world wedding planning issues and solutions, and notice the impact that specific details have on creating the perfect wedding planning experience.

Now I'm making sure you have the chance to have all that information at your fingertips (or at least on your phone screen)

With the creation of our Ultimate Guide To A Stress Free Wedding, you can be confident that you will not only get relevant and useful information. But that you won't need to worry about missing anything.

The reality is that for many of you, the first wedding you plan is your own. And yes, you may have helped out with friends or family with their planning, but looking back was it only the fun parts? The wedding dress shopping, the cake tasting, the bachelorette party? There is SO MUCH more to planning a successful and stress free wedding. And how can this industry expect you to now all the things you've never even thought about?

In our guide we cover:

  • Budgeting

  • Timelines

  • Who Does What

  • Tips on saving money

  • Tips on what to ask vendors

  • How to Talk Finances with Family

PLUS helpful spreadsheets like:

  • Wedding Day Schedule

  • Budget Tracker

  • Note taking

We know that you could spend hours searching the internet looking for ideas and tips for the issues you're having. For example how many times do you think Google has seen "How to cut wedding guest list without hurting feelings"?

Or your could use our guide and planning services to cut straight to the answer so you can get on to planing the best day of you life!

*On a personal note, when I was planning my first wedding the venue I booked told me that that they had a capacity of 200 people which would have been no problem for my 175 guest count. ONLY to find out later (after I paid and sent out save the dates) that the 200 capacity included their outdoor space and I had been planning a December Wedding. I had to un invite 75 guests. That was fun!

The advice and tips I've included in this guide comes from real life experiences. And I remember how stressed out I was trying to plan everything, so I wanted to not only create a guide that would be incredibly valuable but a planning service that was article for the world we live in. The guide comes with any of our Planing Packages LINKED HERE.

The Packages Below are for 3 whole months!

I am tired of couples sharing horror stories of wedding planning going wrong because they were sure what to ask, what to look for, or tips on how to get around an issue. I know that with this guide and my services, you will not only kick the stress out of planning your wedding, but you will walk into your wedding day confident that it will be the best day.

With Love and Glitter!


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