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5 Tips to Being A "Hostess with the Mostess"

If we've learned anything about knowing a couple that is about to get married, it's that you're about to embark on lots of celebrating. Between the engagement party, the shower, the Bach parties, and the wedding you are about to join in on a journey of parties. And though we say "POP THE TOP" and go ahead and celebrate your couple, we also know there is a lot more to the party season of the engagement period.

If you are the one throwing or hosting any of these parties, hold on tight. It can get stressful and not to mention time consuming. Maybe you're apart of the bridal party or maybe you just have the great place to have the party, either way the pressure to give your bride the best party ever is on.

Though the pressure to have an "insta worthy" event can be overbearing with the ever expanding Pinterest, we want to help you by giving you...

5 Simple Tips to Knocking Guests Socks Off

ONE: It's About The Bride-to-Be

There is no way you'll be able to please everyone at the party. The magic world of weddings somehow brings together "old school" traditions with "new school" style. What you are the bride tribe to find totally appropriate may not sit well with Great Aunt Hildi, and that's just the nature of things. But if your bride is happy with the style, the location, food and music you've done your job and you've done it well. Which is why, while its' okay to have little surprises planned for any party the major details should be discussed with the bride to make sure its the event SHE wants.

TWO: Get Personal With Guests

You're definitely not hosting parties tailored to fit every guests style, but you can certainly make a big impression as a great host by allocating a few min of your time to introduce or chat with every guest. Making each guest feel special enough to take up a little of your busy day will show a level or respect for all the people your bride loves (which is good manners and will show support for your bride during a stressful time) If guests are happy, the bride will be less stressed and have a better time.

THREE: Unexpected Love

If you're not the chatty type, or really care much about talking to each guest then sending everyone love without having to hand deliver it is a another small thing you can do while hosting a party. What I mean is finding a small way to compliment guests in an unexpected place. My personal favorite is the sweet/empowering/ sassy message on the bathroom mirror. It's a small gesture that will hit hard.

FOUR: All the Glory Without the Guts

There is nothing worse then setting up for a party all day only to get done JUST IN TIME for guests to arrive. Meanwhile you're sweaty, in your ripped yoga pants, and still have no idea what you want to wear. You run upstairs to rush through getting ready only to arrive 20 min late to the party you're supposed to be hosting. Instead of trying to do it all, hire a set up crew (preferably someone not on the guest list) let me do the heavy listing, the decorating, the messy jobs so that you can get ready and enjoy the party looking your best. Allocating the decorating and styling to someone else if party throwing doesn't come naturally is one of the bets investments you can make.

FIVE: Give Luxury on Any Budget

While not every party budget is unlimited, there are little things you can do to make your party 5 star. Simple things like setting out a bathroom caddy with little things every guest might need. Things like bobby pins, Hairspray, tide stick, static spray, hair ties, face blot sheets, or even perfume. Creating an ambiance through out the party is one way to make the entire event feel intentional. Another thing you can do is build an appropriate playlist that can be played the entire event without worrying about skips because of language or topic. Play it softly in the background and that will encourage conversation and mingling. It will feel more like a social event rather than a party for one. Lastly, create an item that is personal or customized.For example a pre-made personalized drinks, a hand made gift from the bride, or making sure to get a photo of the bride and each guest for a keepsake.

Being a great host doesn't have to take tons of experience, money or the biggest house on the block. It requires a little time, effort and a few simple tips on being thoughtful and intentional. While each event is really for your bride and celebrating her love, all eyes will be on you. And with our help, those eyes will be adoring and appreciated of your efforts to make such a lovely event for her.

With Love & Glitter,


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