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I'm Michaelene, the creator and designer for all the content you can expect from QueenBee. My years in the industry has given me the eye and edge to give you a totally tailored and stress free experience when planning your dream wedding.

After finishing College with a Degree in Graphic Art and Marketing in 2011, I dove head first into the wedding world and I fell in love. My passion is rooted in making sure that couples have the best experience they can have when planning for their big day. 

When working with my studio, couples can expect nothing but the most professional service and products from start to finish.

Our core belief is that no matter how big your wedding is going to be, you should be in love with every piece of it so that when you look back at this time, you are filled with nothing but amazing memories!

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We Still Design Items for Celebrations Other Than Weddings, Please Email Us for Special Requests

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